Equipment Sales

We offer pre-used bottling line equipment for all processes reconditioned and modified to requirement – with the option to provide compatible changeparts to suit your desired products and site installation.

Some of our available 2nd hand equipment is displayed below. Please click on each image for more information. If you are interested in any of our machines for sale, or even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirments.


Zallkin Capper – 10 Head (M3S-0046)

Bertolaso Capper – 4 Head (M3S-0026)

Secomak Bottle Dryer (M3S-0027)

Procomac Gripstar – 24 Head (M3S-0002)

Borelli Filler/Corker – 10/1 Head (M3S-0042)

WAB Rinser – 16 Head (M3S-0040)


Arol Coker – 8 Head (M3S-0006)

Zalkin Capper – 9 Head (M3S-0008)

Krones Bonamatic (M3S-0004)

Bertolaso Filler (M3S-0010)

Procomac Rinser – 32 Head (M3S-0007)

Krones Canmatic Labeller (M3S-0012)

Arol Capper – 12 Head (M3S-0003)

Arol Corker – 10 Head (M3S-0001)

Zalkin Capper – 8 Head (M3S-0013)

Zalkin Capper – 4 Head (M3S-0014)

Bertolaso Caper – 5 Head (M3S-0025)