We design and create a vast range of changepart solutions for a variety of clients. Our engineers design using the latest CAD 2D and 3D software. Manufacture of bespoke change-parts is carried out inhouse using high-capability CNC machinery and CAM software. Parts are assembled and quality checked prior to delivery, to ensure our customers exact requirements are met.

Components are thoroughly tested and commissioned upon installation - if required, ensuring a smooth transition into production.

Interested in any of our services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your next project.

  • Installation / Comissioning

    Fitted and timed for optimum performance

  • On Stock Items

    Rapid response deliveries on standard items

  • Colour Coded Products

    Easy identification for improved efficiency

  • Machine Overhaul / Reconditioning

    Restoration of part used equipment

  • Site Services

    From our experienced engineers

  • Precision Manufacture

    From design through to assembly

  • Design

    Latest CAD/CAM software

  • Storage & 6S

    Promotes housekeeping and efficiency

  • Material Variety

    Suited to purpose and food safe

  • CNC Machining

    High capapbility and precision

  • Nationwide Service

    Personalised service in the UK

  • Quality Assured

    Products checked and tested prior to delivery