M3 Changeparts Ltd

Based in Nottinghamshire, in the UK, M3 Changeparts Ltd is a precision engineering company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of handling equipment for the bottling and packaging industry.

We are a dynamic, established company with over 50 years’ combined experience in our industry, suppling products for some of the world’s leading food and beverage brands. Have a project coming up? Don’t hesitate to get in touch using the quick links below.

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Our Products

  • Bottle Feed Equipment

    We manufacture bespoke changeparts for all types of bottling equipment and to suit a vast range of specific container shapes. Our products are designed individually and manufactured to close tolerances to ensure optimised production OEE and minimised change-over down time.

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  • Label Handling Equipment

    Label handling equipment

    M3 design and supply label handling parts, manufactured to the highest standards and tailored to fit all leading international labelling machines. We provide magazines, brush-rails, sponge rollers, pallets, gripper cylinders and more for glue rolled or self-adhesive labels.

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  • Reconditioned equipment

    We offer pre-used bottling line equipment for all processes reconditioned and modified to requirement – with the option to provide compatible changeparts to suit your desired products and site installation. See our current available machinery here…

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  • Quick Release Conversions

    quick release conversions

    Our quick release conversion options can be used to support any SMED activity and are proven to reduce changeover times between production runs and promote lean manufacture. We design and install permanent cores on which removeable components can be quickly located and removed.

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  • Feedscrews

    Our feedscrews and scrolls are manufactured to transfer containers to a desired position at accurately timed intervals. They can be made to accelerate, decelerate, bypass, pitch or turn the containers as required. Our scrolls are fitted and timed to each machine.

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  • Storage Boards & Trolleys

    Shadow boards can be supplied with any of our products as an effective storage solution. Three-ply plastic is used to identify each part on a trolley, wall-mounted or frame-mounted board, supporting quick changeovers and ideal for facilities championing 5S and housekeeping practices.

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  • Basepads and Bespoke Handling

    Using up-to-date CNC machinery, we manufacture baseplates and bespoke handling solutions to suit your products and bottling equipment.

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  • Adjustable conveyor conversions

    We offer conversions on existing conveyors to enable our customers to run a wider variety of products using our bespoke adjustable parts. Our conversions enable quick changeover, or simple repositioning to increase both capability and efficiency.

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  • Neck, Cap and Cork Handling

    As well as stock and replacement items such as Rinser Jaws, we provide changeparts and conversions to enable neck handling on bottling equipment and conveyors. Additionally we can supply chutes and sorters to suit a new cap / cork size on existing machines.

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WE ARE COMMITTED to delivering excellence

Founded in 2005, M3 Changeparts is an established manufacturer of specialist products for the food and beverage industry. With over 50 years’ combined experience, company directors Andrew Troth and Martyn Needham have the breadth of experience to consistently provide bespoke solutions to industry requirements.

  • As a company we believe in providing all of our customers with a personal service from initial enquiry right through to delivery and commissioning. Our focus is to produce precision changeparts, designed and manufactured to suit your exact requirements.

    Andrew Troth

    M3 Changeparts - Director

  • At M3, we endorse a culture centred around quality, integrity and reliability backed up universally by our highly motivated workforce. Our ongoing success stems from the creativity of our skilled production team through initiative and our endeavour to grow through research and development.

    Martyn Needham

    M3 Changeparts Director

What our customers say...

“I have used M3 Changeparts for many years and I can highly recommend them.” - Mike Ball

“I have known M3 Changeparts for many years - try them! They will surprise you!” - Steve Robinson

“M3 are professional and deliver on time - I fully recommend them” - Joshua O'Conner

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